John 1:35-41- 

- In this passage Jesus asks “What are you seeking?” It is appropriate to spend multiple studies on this because Jesus spends every moment of His entire ministry teaching the answer to this question. We’ve decided to focus on His teachings in Luke 18. Last study, we looked at the first parable. This morning we look closely at the second Luke parable, as well as a teaching out of John 6:


Luke 18:9-14- Do we seek Him with pride, somehow thinking we deserve God, OR humble and thankfully aware of our depravity? 

- Verse 9 tells us we are on par with the same teaching of the previous parable (Luke 18:1-8), because the scripture tells us that Jesus is speaking to those who do not trust in His authority, but instead trust in themselves for righteousness. 

- We talked about how we, as badge wearing LE, can be dangerously close to being this Pharisee. This parable is a classic teaching of Systemic Cynicism-

1. Our identity is in a badge which represents authority and can lead us to believe that we don’t need to persistently and desperately bow to a higher authority. 

- That view leads us to believe we are the higher authority in all matters professional and personal. Look where God says this will lead us- Luke 18:14

2. The badge quickly fills us with cynicism where we see society just like Luke 18:11

NOTICE - the Pharisee stands by himself. This can be an appropriate picture of how cynicism in a LEO slowly separates him from society. 

- Society first...the criminal element. But we begin to see everyday society as the possible criminal element. 

- Friends next - we separate from those who care about us because we embrace the false belief that they can not relate. Sharing opens doors for relating but cynicism removes closeness and open discussion. 

- Co Workers - the cynicism in the department leads us to believe that it’s normal, healthy, protection, and that it makes us strong. We are a special breed and we are built to handle this. That’s a lie!! But because of this lie, we do not talk about isolation and feelings of depression. 

King David- perhaps the greatest warrior in the history of the world was an open book who poured out his struggles in song. Yet he still suffered from the worst symptom of cynicism......

- Family isolation- this is the enemies ultimate goal. 

Luke 18:11- The Pharisee only sees through the lens of his elevated position because he is wrapped up in His identity as opposed to an identity In Christ. Therefore, he only sees the flaws in society (Cynicism!!)

**This is a major OpOverwatch teaching for all officers to understand the danger of our identity in the badge. 

Luke 18:14- We should always err on the side of humble and desperate and thankful prayer, like the tax collector. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

- If we come into His presence seeking His presence and authority (pre eminence), then desperation will follow.  How so???  Because The Lord is faithful to answer this prayer and we will want more and more as we taste and see that The Lord is good! (Psalm 34:8-11)

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