Jesus is God, and He is love! God’s love is compelling! It compels people to love, and it compels people to ponder more closely a God who would individually love His creation. Strangely, it also repels some, but Jesus is love and He will always be love.

This season, we want to share with you some of that love in pictures. Those who make up OpOverwatch have embraced the honor of building & delivering 32 “Christmas for Cops” baskets. These baskets were formed specifically for each family of an officer that has suffered from mental or physical trauma this past year....the kind of trauma that cries out for some sort of hope. Our prayer is that these demonstrations of concern and support relieve a burden in the heart of the officer, or spouse, or children. These baskets are a statement from God, through His servants, saying, “I got you”.

We praise Jesus for the large large large amount of families that enthusiastically took it upon themselves to glorify the love of God in our region, and we know that it will hold significance.

Merry Christmas!

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